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New Munawar chemical store was founded by Haji Munawar Hussain (late) in 1970 and is now run by his son and grandson, Fazal Hussain & Usama Fazal. New Munawar chemical store has earned its worth through providing a range of imported chemical variety to wholesale retailers and for various industrial usages. Our main store is located in the heart of Lahore, Akbar Mandi.
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New Munawar Chemical Store Products
Antimony Sulphide
Acetic Acid
Aluminium Hyderoxide
Antifoam 10% / 30%
Aluminium Powder White/Black
Aluminium Sulphate China
Benzoic Acid Commercial
Benzoic Acid B.P.
Barium Sulphate Precipated
Barium Nitrate
Boric Acid
Barium Carbonate
Barium Chloride
Benzyl Alcohol
Barium Peroxide
Carboxy MethylCellolose
Calcium Chloride
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